USRWA Strategic Plan Approved by Board of Directors

In conjunction with River Alliance of Wisconsin, USRWA staff and Board of Directors approved a draft version of the organization’s mission, vision, goals and objectives as part of it’s strategic planning process to establish priorities and long-term goals for the organization.  Members may remember a survey sent out last October to assess the interests of those actively involved in the organization.  This is a vital process for non-profit organizations like USRWA because it allows members, municipal/private stakeholders, Board and staff to have input on a common direction moving forward.

These components will be discussed at the Annual Meeting & Open House and members will have the opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions.

The draft strategic plan can be viewed here: USRWA Board Approved Strategic Plan Draft 2014_0210

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  1. I’m president of Friends of Badger State Trail. Looking for a map or other graphic showing the recently purchased Falk Wells area and any planning done so far, particularly regarding bicycles. This is in connection with an upcoming meeting of parties interested in better tying together Badger Trail, Village of Oregon and Paoli. Any info you can provide would be most welcome. We have mutual interests.

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