Citizen Based Stream Monitoring

Thanks to our volunteers who monitored water quality at 25 sites in 2015.  We look forward to building on that in 2016, so if you would like to be trained to monitor water quality in the Upper Sugar River Watershed, please contact Executive Director Wade Moder at or call 608-437-7707.

Sites included:


Toni Dallwig & Wade Moder – Sugar River at Morningwood Farms Nursery, Sugar River at County Road S


Steve Gavin & Rodd Wangen – Primrose Branch at Hwy U, Fryes Feeder at Town Hall Road and West Branch at Hwy U

Steve Gavin – Milum Creek at Fritz Road, Flynn Creek at County Road A, Badger Mill Creek upstream of Lincoln St drainage, Badger Mill Creek downstream of Lincoln St drainage

Shane Herkert – Sugar River at Bobcat Lane


Bill and Lisa Keen – Badger Mill Creek at Highway 69 upstream to fenceline, Sugar River at Valley Road, Sugar River at Riverside Road

Frank Fetter, Cami Peterson and Matt Rehwald – Schlapbach Creek at Klevenville Riley Road, Fryes Feeder at Miller Farm, Deer Creek at second crossing 92, West Branch at Docken Road, tributary to Schlapbach at Bakken Road bridge, West Branch at Bakken Road, Schlapbach Creek at pumphouse, Schlapbach Creek upstream of Sletto Road

Note- These sites can also be found on our interactive web map, located on the “Maps” tab on the top of our website.

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The monitoring season typically runs from April until October. Monitors are asked to collect data at their designated sites at least once per month, and report the data to an online database supported by the WDNR Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program.

Please visit the following links for more information about volunteer citizen monitoring programs in Wisconsin:

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