Enroll now in the “Plant Dane” cost-share program

Retain the Rain Workshop http://www.myfairlakes.com/pdf/Plant_Dane_workshop_brochure.pdf is scheduled for Saturday, March 1, 2014, where attendees will learn how to plan for and install rain gardens to help local lakes and streams. These simple yet effective projects help rain soak into the ground instead of becoming pollution-carrying stormwater on its way to our lakes and streams. Registration is $5. Workshop deadline is Feb. 21. The workshop will also cover rain water harvesting.

The Plant Dane! Cost-Share Program, http://www.myfairlakes.com/PlantDane.aspx which provides plants at less than half of retail cost thanks to the Graham-Martin Foundation, will also be covered at the workshop for those interested in ordering plants for their gardens and yards. Forty-six of the 75 species available through the program provide butterfly habitat. Species available through program: http://www.myfairlakes.com/pdf/GMF_Species.pdf

Rain gardens are an attractive way to reduce lawn-maintenance time and costs, beautify your yard and help your lakes, rivers and streams all at the same time. Native wildflowers provide blooms from spring through fall and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Plant Dane! orders with full payment must be received by March 14. http://www.myfairlakes.com/plant/#/order

Join hundreds of others in central Dane County that already have a rain garden. www.cityofmadison.com/engineering/stormwater/raingardens/1000raingardens.cfm You can design it now for spring installation.


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